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Palm Springs Divorce Attorney

Family Lawyer in Palm Springs, CA

Searching for a lawyer for your divorce case in Palm Springs? You need the most experienced family law attorney in Palm Springs on your side. Here at the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack I believe that experience makes a difference. I have been proudly serving the families of Palms Springs and Palm Desert for over 50 years. My firm has earned the respect of the court, the community, the Bar, and of previous clients. I choose to operate with honesty and integrity by providing my clients with straightforward, trustworthy legal advice. I have built up a reputation of zealous advocacy over the years so that my clients can feel confident knowing that their case rests in good hands. Let me assist you with your family matter so that you can reach the best possible outcome in your case. Speak with a Palms Springs divorce lawyer from my firm today to get started.

Don't Settle for Less Than the Best

For more than five decades, I have assisted thousands of clients in resolving their contentious family law cases with compassion, efficiency and dedication. I have extensive courtroom litigation experience that I can put to work for you, not to mention a deep understanding of the California family court system. However, I have also resolved countless cases outside of court. If you have a sensitive family matter that you need to address, seek out family mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions. Trial litigation is too costly for some, which is why my firm offers affordable uncontested divorce representation. I can help you resolve your marital dispute without extensive court involvement so that your sensitive matter remains private.

Resolving Family Law Cases in Palm Springs

Here at the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack I handle a broad spectrum of divorce and family related issues. I believe that there is no case too big or too small for my firm to take on. Over the years I have helped client reach successful family and divorce agreements. If you are in the middle of an ugly divorce, child custody battle, child support dispute or domestic violence ordeal, my firm is here to help. Whether you are seeking an annulment, legal separation, relocation or a high net-worth divorce I can guide you through the stages of your case and keep you apprised of every new development. There are many contentious areas of divorce from property division, spousal support, visitation rights to custody and whatever divorce agreement is reached will affect you and your family long after the divorce is finalized. That is why I help my clients in reaching a favorable outcome that they can live with long-term.

Call for a Confidential Consultation

Looking for an attorney for your family law case in Palm Springs, CA? My firm is set apart from other law firms because I choose to provide personal attention for my client's family law needs. I help clients find a better way to reach their goal in the most cost-effective way possible. My firm offers affordable payment plan options so that money does not stand in the way of getting the best possible legal advocate for your case. Despite your financial situation, I believe that you deserve the very best. Contact my firm today to share your story and have your case reviewed by a family law professional! Call (760) 585-9065 to speak with a Palm Springs family lawyer at my firm.

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