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Coachella Valley Divorce Attorney

Searching for a lawyer for a family case in Coachella Valley?

Divorce and family law cases are known for being highly sensitive in nature and they can also be full of highly contested issues that are near and dear to the heart. When you file for divorce, your family, your security and your assets are on the line and the unforeseen future can leave you feeling vulnerable. Here at the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack, I understand the gravity of your situation and the difficulties and fears that you are currently facing. My firm realizes that every family law case is different, which is why I am here to guide you personally through the stages of your case. With over 50 years of experience, I am intimately familiar with the divorce and family law procedures and I can walk you step by step through the legal process.

My firm prides itself on offering only reliable and effective legal advice to families who are facing divorce and other contention family law matters. As an honest and reputable family law firm, I have gained the respect of the courts and the State Bar. I am the second of three generations in my family to be a divorce and family law practitioner. My firm exclusively practices divorce and family law and over my decades of experience, I come to know and understand the law in way that few other family lawyers ever will. With a limited focus on family cases, I can provide you with more comprehensive and effective legal representation than another attorney in the same field. Speak with a Coachella Valley divorce lawyer from my firm today to get started on your case!

Divorce and Family Lawyer Serving All of Coachella Valley

Here at the firm I cover a broad spectrum of family law issues from divorce, legal separations, annulments and domestic partnerships. With every divorce, your case could go one of two directions; you could file for a contested or an uncontested divorce. A contested divorce is one that filled with contention and disagreement which needs to be settled in trial in front of a judge. This type of divorce is a little more costly and time consuming. Then there is the route of uncontested divorce which is where both spouses are able to come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of the divorce and there is limited court involvement.

There are also high net worth divorce cases in which one or both spouses have a large amount of assets and property that needs to be protected. If you are filing for divorce and you are worried that you will lose everything, you need an attorney who is highly adept in asset protection to take on your case. My firm can pay special attention to the property division aspect of your case to ensure that your assets are valued and distributed fairly in the divorce.

My firm also assists with the highly sensitive issues including child custody, visitation and child support. Each parent has a right and duty to care and provide for their child and my firm can work diligently to enforce those rights in court. If you need to determine paternity in order to establish those parental rights, my firm can walk you through the paternity process. If your divorce has turned violent and you and your children are being subjected to domestic violence or any type of abuse, be sure to contact my firm as soon as possible. I can help you file a restraining order and keep your family safe throughout this process.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements in Coachella Valley

If you are about to take the leap of faith by entering into a marriage union, then you can find peace of mind for the future by creating a prenuptial agreement now. This legal document makes it so that if you and your spouse ever split for any reason, you can avoid the messy, costly divorce process. You can also set up a postnuptial agreement if you have already tied the knot and you wish to tie up any lose ends in case of a divorce or separation. This way, you and your spouse can rest easy knowing that you are prepared for whatever the future brings. Lastly, if you are looking to modify or enforce an existing court order, then contact a Coachella Valley family law attorney at my firm today for assistance.

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