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High Net Worth Divorce in Palm Desert

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Need a lawyer for high net worth divorce in Palm Desert? One of the most highly contested issues in any divorce case is the division of property, both assets and liabilities. Spouses who have worked to build their wealth and minimize liabilities can feel great anger and hostility when the possibility arises that they may lose their assets and incur some liabilities. Generally, these situations involve a complex mix of investments, pensions, IRAs, 401(k)s, sole proprietorships, and many other high-value assets. The division of these assets can be a serious matter in which one party has great reluctance to part with or share property with the ex-spouse.

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In most cases, a business that is owned by one of the spouses is generally operated by the husband while the wife has little or no involvement in the decision-making process. Establishing the value of a business or corporation is a serious matter, and whether a corporation is closely held or is a Subchapter S corporation is very relevant to the value of the business. The use of a forensic accountant in determining the value of a business is vitally important. In addition, the court will be asked to determine the characterization of investment as well as retirement assets.

What should you protect during a high net worth divorce?

When filing for high net worth divorce your case requires special attention from a competent legal professional. Every high net worth divorce is different and will have unique underlying circumstances, but in general there are a few key elements that need heightened protection during the divorce process.

If you and your spouse are filing for a high net worth divorce, our experienced divorce attorney can help you review, protect and oversee the following issues:

  1. Stock options and business partnerships
  2. Real-estate properties including your family home and any investment properties that you may have
  3. Retirement savings, pensions and 401k retirement accounts
  4. Stock investments and bonds
  5. The terms and conditions of the prenuptial and post nuptial agreement
  6. Tax planning to minimize tax exposure

In a high net worth divorce the property division process can be long and complicated. Be sure to obtain a hard-hitting attorney to protect your hard earned assets and properties.

Why You Need a Palm Desert Divorce Attorney

Evaluation of a business is a vitally important part of the divorce process, as you may be entitled to more than you are being offered in mediation. There are many cases in which unscrupulous actions are taken to either obtain or retain an unfair portion of the marital assets in a high net worth divorce. It is important that you retain skilled legal assistance to help you understand the situation you are facing and how to have property evaluated in order to fight for your rights in court. My firm works with a team of forensic accountants that can assist with your divorce case to better protect your assets and assist with property valuation. As a skilled Palm Desert divorce attorney, I am able to provide skilled legal assistance to those who face various kinds of divorces and family law issues.

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