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Palm Desert Visitation Rights Lawyer

Seeking Visitation Rights After Divorce

Have you recently decided to file for divorce? One of the most highly contested and emotional aspects of the divorce process lies in determining child custody and visitation, and these decisions will have a dramatic impact on your future and the future of your children as well. When parents make the decision to separate or divorce, the court will typically make decisions regarding child custody and support as well as a visitation schedule.

Need an attorney for a visitation issue in Palm Desert, CA? A visitation schedule outlines the conditions and circumstances under which the non-custodial parent spends time with their children. Holidays, vacations and other special occasions are also addressed in the visitation schedule. All in all, a visitation schedule typically depends on the child custody arrangement. When parents have joint custody of their children, visitation is not an issue. When there is a non-custodial parent, however, that parent will typically have visitation rights unless the court has specifically ordered otherwise.

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Other Reasons for Visitation Rights

Courts will also give visitation rights to grandparents under certain conditions. For example, when the parent of a child has died, the court will grant visitation rights to a close relative of the child if it is in the best interests of the child. Grandparents may also receive visitation rights by filing a separate action on their own behalf when parents choose to divorce.

There are no set rules regarding visitation, and if the terms of visitation cannot be agreed upon by the parents then the court will rule on their behalf. Above all other factors, the court will place the most emphasis on doing what is best for the child. As a result, there are circumstances where California child custody law will grant sole custody to one parent with no visitation for the other. This happens frequently in cases of child abuse or unfit behavior.

When a Parent Denies Visitation Rights

Unfortunately, there are many cases where custodial parents deny the other parent their visitation rights. Former spouses may seek to withhold visitation because the other parent has not followed through with his or her child support payments, even if their actions go against a child custody order. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, it is still a violation of the law to withhold visitation rights. Any noncustodial parent that has been granted visitation through a court order cannot have their visitation rights withheld by anyone except for a representative of the courts.

Looking for a lawyer for a visitation case in Riverside County?

These cases can be incredibly complex, but the help and guidance of a Palm Desert divorce attorney can be invaluable during this time. Above all, parents want to know that their children will be cared for. Oftentimes, the court has to create a plan that is in the best interest of children and that suits both parents as well. Judges will sometimes order that a parent can only have contact with a child when a neutral third party individual is present during the visitation. This is called "supervised visitation", and is ordered by the judges to give parents a chance to address specific issues, help reintroduce a parent into a child's life after a long absence, or when there is a history or allegation of domestic violence, neglect or abuse.

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