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Restraining Orders in Palm Desert

What are restraining orders?

If you have been abused or are being threatened with injury or abuse, you can ask the judge for an order of protection. More commonly known as restraining orders, this is a court order that is used in order to keep harassment, violence or abuse from continuing, and can be a critical aspect of keeping you and your family safe. Trying to obtain a restraining order, however, can be difficult and complicated. Here at the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack, I provide valuable counsel and assistance so that those who need protection can receive it quickly.

Need help obtaining a restraining order for your protection? My firm believes no one should have to endure that kind of abuse and violence. Contact my firm for help today!

What can a restraining order do?

Looking for a lawyer for a restraining order in Palm Desert, CA? A restraining order contains specific orders that the abuser must abide by. They can prohibit the abuser from doing any of the following:

  • Contacting you
  • Telephoning you
  • Attacking you
  • Striking you
  • Disturbing your peace

It can even force an abuser to move away from a residence that is shared with the victim. Restraining orders can also order the abuser to stay at least 100 yards away from the victim and their place of residence or employment. Other terms may include prohibiting the abuser from purchasing a firearm and ordering the abuser to attend counseling.

In addition to asking your abuser to stop assaulting, harassing or threatening you, you also have the right to ask for additional terms in your restraining order. You can ask the abuser to refrain from certain acts, you can ask the court to allow you to collect your personal belongings from a residence that you shared with the abuser, and you can exclude the abuser from your home altogether. Additionally, family law courts in California may also order your abuser to pay for temporary child support based on the needs of your child.

Types of Restraining Orders in California

Searching for a lawyer for restraining orders in Palm Desert? If you are in an emergency, a divorce lawyer from my firm can help you seek an Emergency Protective Order that will be valid for five court days. These emergency restraining orders protect you and your loved ones against stalking, child abuse, child abduction and domestic violence, but it will be necessary to pursue additional protection once the order is up. A Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order is established by a judge to protect the victims of domestic violence and typically lasts for an initial period of 15-21 days. Once that period is up, the judge can cancel the order or rule that it will be put into place for up to three more years.

Even though most restraining orders that are issued in family court only last for up to three years, you can seek a criminal protective order through the District Attorney's office if you have been a victim or witness of a crime. These orders last for as long as the court deems necessary and can be increased to ten years. You may pursue this type of restraining order if you are able to prove that the defendant harmed you, tried to coerce you to not testify, or threatened you or your family.

Contact a Palm Desert Divorce Lawyer

Need a restraining order in Riverside County, CA? When you are seeking a restraining order, enlisting the help of a family law attorney will be a critical factor in the success of your request. My firm understands how important these matters are to you and your loved ones, and I know how to help you secure an order of protection in the quickest manner possible. To keep your family safe from danger, I encourage you to contact my family law firm today to schedule a consultation with a legal professional. Some types of restraining orders can include restitution and the payment of medical expenses by the abuser if your property has been damaged or you have suffered injury, so call today at (760) 585-9065.