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Palm Desert Property Division Attorney

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Need a lawyer for a property division case in Palm Desert? One of the most common reasons for the failure of marriages is financial dispute. I frequently encounter circumstances in which one spouse earns significantly more than the other spouse and therefore controls most of the marital assets.

It is important to know that as the higher income spouse, you are in danger of hefty support payment obligations in the event of divorce. California family law provides that spouses are entitled to half of the marital assets; this means that as the household breadwinner, you could lose half of your assets in a divorce.

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How will my assets be divided in California?

While some states use equitable distribution to divide assets in a divorce, California is one of the nine states that adhere to the policy of community property. Under community property laws, the California Family Code states that "all property, real or personal, wherever situated, acquired by a married person during the marriage while domiciled in this state is community property." (CFC 760)

In some cases, however, property may be defined as quasi-community or separate property. Assets may qualify as quasi-community if it was acquired in another state that has different laws regarding property division. This type of property is still usually treated as community in California courts. A divorcee's assets may qualify as separate if it was owned before marriage or after the couple was separate. It could also be seen as separate property if it was given as a gift or inheritance to one of the spouse during a marriage.

Protecting Your Hard-Earned Assets

It is vitally important that you retain skilled legal assistance in your case if you are facing divorce. Looking for a lawyer for a property division case in Palm Desert, CA? At the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack, I have the experience and skill that you need for your case. I understand that you may be experiencing many different emotions and you may be feeling uncertain as to what the future holds. Acquiring skilled legal representation can greatly enhance your chances of a favorable outcome in this divorce process.

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I have been assisting the residents of Palm Desert with divorce and various family law matters for many years. With more than 50 years of experience, I have developed a great familiarity with the courts and judges of this area, I know the procedure, and I know how to aggressively fight for your rights, your goals, and your desires. I also understand that finances can be tight during this process, which is why I offer a lost-cost case evaluation. This is designed to present you with an opportunity to obtain legal advice in your case without any financial commitment on your part. In addition, I offer affordable payment plans in order to facilitate your needs for a divorce attorney.

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