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Legal Separation in Palm Desert

Are you considering filing for legal separation in Riverside County?

If you are unsure whether or not divorce is right for you and your family, you should be made aware of all of your legal options. A legal separation allows for both parties to live separately but still remain legally married. With a legal separation however, you will still need to resolved family issues including:

Looking for a lawyer for a legal separation case in Palm Desert, CA? Coming to an agreement on these matters can be difficult, that is why you need the help and support of an experienced Palm Desert divorce attorney to help guide you through the process.

Looking to file for a legal separation in Palm Desert?

Speak with a family law attorney at my firm today to find out if a legal separation is the best option for you!

How does legal separation work?

There are actually two different ways to going about a legal separation. One option is for you and your spouse to draft a separation agreement contract that clearly defines all the terms and conditions for the separation, just as you would in a divorce case. Within the separation agreement, you should be sure to include:

  • Temporary arrangements for housing
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Appropriate the use of properties and assets

Some states do not require that you file your separation agreement with the court. In fact, sometimes the court is not involved at all with the legal separation process.

The second option for legal separation is much more formal and it requires that you file a legal separation action with the court. This legal document is most commonly referred to as a complaint for Separate Maintenance. With any legal separation case, the parties have the option to work out their family issues and come to an amicable agreement. If you and your spouse are able to agree on the terms and conditions of the separation, then you can sign the agreement and have it endorsed by the court. If you are not able to agree or settle the issues, then a judge will be asked to make the final judgment call for you. Either way, whether you set forth your wishes or the court does it for you, the final outcome will be in the form of a court order.

Differences Between Legal Separation & Divorce

Searching for an attorney for a legal separation in Palm Desert? In many cases, spouses have major issues that they need to work through, but they need their space. With a legal separation, you can remain legally married but still be permitted to live a separate life. During the separation process, you and your spouse will still address the same issues that you would in the event of a divorce. In fact, sometimes the separation agreement is used as a preface for the divorce settlement agreement. That is why it is important that you settle the issue in a way that protects your interests and you could live with the changes long term. For some couples, legal separation is a better route to go because it gives them time away to resolve any conflict, reflect and figure out if divorce is truly what they want for their family. In a legal separation, medical benefits and insurance are all retained, whereas in a divorce all benefits pertaining to both parties would be dissolved.

Help From a Palm Desert Family Law Attorney

Are you considering filing for divorce in Riverside County? If you are not certain of what you truly want, then maybe a legal separation is right for you. I, Attorney Novack, have been serving the families of Palm Desert, CA for more than 50 years and I can put my knowledge and experience at work for you. Schedule a confidential consultation with my firm today and learn about all your legal options.

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