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Palm Desert Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

Grandparent Custody and Visitation Rights in Riverside County

Searching for a lawyer for a grandparents’ rights case in Palm Desert? The divorce process is difficult for everyone involved. Many people don’t stop to think how the divorce can affect the grandparents and close family relatives as well. When parents file for divorce, they are typically only focused on their own custody, visitation and support issues. The needs of grandparents are often overlooked. That is why it is so important that you are aware of your legal rights under the law and how they pertain to your family situation.

The area of grandparents’ rights is becoming more and more pertinent over the years as the divorce statistics have been rising. It is important as a grandparent that you are able to maintain a valuable and meaningful relationship with your grandchildren. Need an attorney for a grandparents' rights issue in Palm Desert, CA? If you would like to see about enforcing your rights as a grandparent, speak with a Palm Desert divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack.

Looking to seek visitation rights with your grandchildren?

My firm can help you exercise your rights as a grandparent so you can seek visitation or custody. Call today!

Do grandparents have a right to visitation in California?

In California, your visitation rights as a grandparent are not 100% guaranteed. The court takes it on a case-by-case basis and they will consider several outside factors before granting visitation rights to the grandparents. If the parents are refusing to let you see your grandchildren, the court is sometimes forced to respect their wishes.

In many families today, the dynamic has changed and you find that grandparents often step in to help care and provide for their grandchildren because the parents are unable or not willing to do so. If this is the case, then the court will definitely take that into consideration. Ultimately, the end goal of the court is to rule in favor of the child’s best interests. The courts do believe that it is important for grandparents to be a part of their grandchildren’s lives because it helps create a sense of regularity and stability. This is especially true during the difficult divorce transition period.

Everyone knows that emotions are especially heightened during the divorce process. Unfortunately, sometimes parents get angry and take out that anger on the grandparents by keeping their grandchildren from them. If you are being shut out by the child’s parents, then speak with a Palm Desert family law attorney to discuss all of your legal options.

What needs to be established in order to gain grandparent visitation?

In order for the court to be able to grant you visitation or custody rights, you must be able to prove one of the following conditions:

  • One parent has died
  • The child’s parents are divorced
  • The child’s parents are not married

It is important to remember that if the parents are considered “fit” for the job and are actively involved in the child’s life, then that is seen as priority over grandparents’ rights. In order to be granted visitation rights, you will need an experienced attorney to help you prove your case.

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Looking for an attorney for a grandparents' rights case in Palm Desert, CA? Here at the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack, I am well-versed in child custody and visitation cases. I know exactly what the court look for when appointing custody and visitation rights and I can help you collect supporting evidence in your case. My firm wants to help you keep your grandchildren close while promoting the best interests of the grandchildren. Child custody is one of the more contentious matters that needs to be addressed during the divorce process and I can help you make clear and informed decisions that can help you achieve a favorable outcome. My firm is highly adept in California family law and I stand ready to take on your case. Contact my firm today at (760) 585-9065 to learn how I can help you!