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What are my rights as a father in Riverside County?

Are you a father who is going through divorce or considering filing for divorce? Need a lawyer for a fathers’ rights case in Palm Desert? It is important that you gain a full understanding of what your rights are as a father and how those rights apply to your divorce or family law case. It is no secret that in the past, many family law courts would favor women in child custody, child support and divorce cases. The mother would usually be awarded custody of the child because the court would assume that she was the more "nurturing" parent. Today, however, that is no longer the case.

Courts throughout the United States are increasingly more aware and accepting of fathers' rights in divorce and other family law cases, and there are an increasing number of cases where custody is awarded to fathers instead of mothers. Fathers are far more than just a second adult in the home of a child. Fathers play a unique role in a child's upbringing and throughout their life, bringing positive benefits to their children that others are unlikely and usually unable to bring. California law has recognized that there are certain fathers' rights, and upholding these rights during divorce is an essential part of protecting a father's future relationship to his child.

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Fathers' Rights During Divorce

During the divorce process, a father has certain rights including:

  • To continue being involved in his children's lives by spending time with them
  • Participating in parenting
  • Having an equal say in important decisions such as where the child lives
  • The right to see medical and school records, and to decide which doctors and medical professionals the child sees
  • The responsibility of protecting their children from harm and neglect and providing a level of financial support

These rights are present regardless of whether or not the father is married, but unwed fathers must prove their paternity before they are allowed to assume their full parental rights. Paternity is automatically assumed in cases where the parents are married, but unwed fathers must prove paternity by signing a declaration or by filing a paternity case with the court. Many times, a paternity DNA blood or saliva test is taken to prove fatherhood.

California's paternity law allows for child support to be awarded to the father, but his parenting patterns and capability will play a huge role in this decision. Child support is not usually awarded to the father unless he has gained child custody, and the court will take the counsel of mediators and psychologists into consideration before making this decision. Searching for an attorney for a fathers' rights issue in Palm Desert, CA? With the help of a skilled Palm Desert divorce lawyer from the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack, fathers can pursue their goals for a divorce and fight to protect their rights.

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Looking for a lawyer for a fathers' rights issue in Riverside County, CA? Here at the Law Office of Lawrence W. Novack, we firmly believe that fathers' rights should be protected and upheld regardless of whether the case involves a contested divorce, uncontested divorce or legal separation. By working with our team of legal professionals, you will have the support and protection you need to fight for the relationship that you have with your children. This special relationship should not be terminated or stripped away from you just because you are going through a divorce, and we will ensure that your voice and arguments are heard. Call today at (760) 585-9065 to schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys.