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Annulment Attorney in Palm Desert, CA

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Are you looking for an annulment attorney in Palm Desert? Annulment is different from divorce because the end goal is to attain the nullity of marriage. This means that the marriage is deemed null and void by the court and it will never be considered a legal marriage in California. Filing for an annulment is a request that the marriage be declared void by the court system so it is cleared off the record as if it never happened. A divorce, on the other hand, is a request for the marriage to be brought to an end so the parties can go their separate ways. In order to be granted a divorce, you must be able to show that the marriage is irretrievable broken and you have irreconcilable differences. The grounds for obtaining an annulment are more specific and must be proven before the court can grant an annulment of marriage. If you would like to have your marriage annulled, be sure to speak with a Palm Desert divorce attorney today.

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What are the grounds for annulment in California?

Do you believe that you married is null and void? If you are seeking an annulment, then it is important to know that only a judge can grant an annulment and once they do, it will be as if the marriage never existed. However, in order for the court to grant your request, you will have to meet one of the specific conditions. The criteria for granting an annulment may include:

  • A marriage where bigamy is involved
  • A marriage involving incest where the two spouses are related
  • A marriage where one or both spouses are underage
  • A marriage that was entered under duress or coercion
  • A marriage that is based on fraud
  • A marriage where one spouse lacked the mental or physical capacity when they entered into the union

So how do annulments result from fraudulent marriages? If one spouse enters into a marriage in a deceitful manner, withholding information from their spouse, then that could be considered marriage fraud. For example, if a woman knows she is pregnant and enters into the union without telling her husband, that could be seen a fraud. If two people decide to get married just so that one of them can obtain a green card, then that is also considered fraud. If one spouse finds out after the marriage, that their husband or wife has a criminal history that they never disclosed, then that act of fraud could be considered grounds for an annulment.

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Searching for an attorney for your annulment case in Palm Desert? The annulment process is not simple and not everyone's annulment request is granted. These decrees can be difficult to obtain and they may require the assistance of a Palm Desert family law attorney. Here at the firm, I have helped clients in successfully annulling their marriage. If you are not sure if an annulment is right for you, then I can help explain your legal options and rights to you and how they pertain to your case. Need an annulment in Palm Desert?

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