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Attorney Profile: About Lawrence Novack

Palm Desert Divorce Lawyer

I am attorney Lawrence W. Novack. I have been specializing in divorce and family law matters since 1960. With more than 50 years of experience, I am well-equipped and prepared to take on the most difficult cases involving issues like child custody, asset division, support, and many others. I am the second of three generations of family law practitioners serving Southern California residents.

During my experience as a divorce attorney, I have come to understand family law cases in a way that few other attorneys do. I limit my practice exclusively to divorce and family law, which enables me to provide legal assistance in a more in-depth way than many law firms who practice in the same field.

My years of experience offer my clients a distinct advantage when facing the adversarial hurdles that are encountered in and out of the courtroom in various family law matters. In addition, this puts my clients in a position to obtain their goals and desires through a judgment after trial or through a negotiated settlement prior to a trial.

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If you are facing a divorce or family law matter, then you may greatly benefit from the representation that my firm has to offer. Choosing skilled representation that you can trust can be a very difficult process; however, it is obvious that the longer a firm is in practice, the more experience and generally better success rate they have. My firm cannot operate unless I am able to help my clients. I have been in business for a very long time and I have helped the residents of Palm Desert, in various legal matters on numerous occasions. I understand the difficulty of the situation that you may be facing.

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